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Services - Engineering


Silverstar Engineering is an authorized dealer for Zoomlion mobile cranes. We are providing a one stop service including sale, service, and training. We are also offering a complete lifting and material handling equipment including mobile cranes cargo cranes, aerial work platforms, fork lifts and port handling equipment.

The products we deal with are:

  • Infrastructure Equipment (Cranes, Concrete Equipment, Construction Machinery, Material handling equipment; including intermediate equipment)
  • Engineering products
  • Environmental Technology
  • Military Technology,
  • IT

Currently our company has secured contracts for the supply 30 untis of mobile cranes to major local clients including Ministry of National Defense (METEC), Sur Construction and ORCHID Business Group. The lifting capacity of the mobile cranes is ranging from 25t, 30t, 50t, 70t, 90t, 100t, 130t, and the biggest and first in its kind 220t.


We offer leasing services of lifting and material handling equipment’s and as well as financial equipment leasing programs.

We have taken the initiative to promote equipment contractor business concept, thereby establishing an industry standard leasing sector. The Leasing-Equipment Contractor has been proved as an important tool of infrastructure industry in many countries, where civil contractors would have the chance to focus, organize and manage civil construction activity, which is the core part of the project.


Ethiopia launches the largest ever construction & infrastructure building program. Having noted this fact, Silverstar Engineering plans setting up machinery assembly and manufacturing program that introduces local brand equipment through acquiring international equipment on joint venture base.

Silverstar Engineering is committed to exert is effort in the process of establishing of assembly/manufacturing plant of cargo cranes there by contributing its part to the national manufacturing and transformation plan.


We are setting up manufacturing facility Construction Machinery. The project is addressing the country’s manufacturing transformation program, and save foreign currency through the availability of global brands locally assembled construction equipment. We also have plans to set-up a equipment refurbishing center.


Training, Inspection and Certification of heavy machinery and equipment in the Crane and Lifting Industry.


    Tsion Bldg, 2nd Floor
    Infront of Embassy of Rwanda
    P.O.Box: 2585
    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    Tel: +251-11-663-9750
    Fax: +251-11-663-9748
    Offices & operations in
    South Africa & Sweden.