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Services - Property Development


  • Executive Apartment
    Silver Star’s property wing has embarked on the development of an upmarket apartment with top mountain views, located in the heart of Addis, in the same hillside area as the residence of internationally acclaimed Ethiopian track runner, Haile Gebrselassie. The design of this development is currently undertaking by South African based architectural firm called, Arc Studio. Arc is reputable design firm with track record of designing superb corporates buildings and, apartments, loges across South Africa, India and UAE.
  • Tourist Lodges
    Seeing Ethiopia is one of the oldest few nations in the World, over 3000 years of history, where it's tourism potential immense and diversified with history, culture, nature, and heritage, we have plan to develop world class lodges in potential tourist attractions, such as the Arc of the Covenant in historic Axum town, the Afar depression, the Rift Valley, Bishoftu town which has seven breathtaking lakes and superb mountains etc.
  • Properties in South Africa
    We also have over $1-million worth of property investment in South Africa, featuring upmarket apartments in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg, and Blaawber-Table View, Cape Town.

    At Silverstar, we owe all our success to our core strategy of anticipating our customers’ needs and demands, so we’re there to pass the ball – to pre-empt and supply before anyone else has even noticed the gap. It is this core strategy that has given us our edge of competency in the tough industry in which we operate, overtaking old-fashioned businesses and beating our competitors to the goal posts with speed and fluency.
  • Cost effective residential building system:
    Promotes various technologies that help low cost construction systems.


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