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Services - Renewable Energy

Thermal, Wind and Solar.

Energy: Silverstar Engineering has taken to embark on the production of renewable energy from Biomass, Wind, Geothermal and Solar. We are creating a series of initiatives in clean energy development programs. The initiatives will develop a total of 200MW electricity from the above renewable sources, on PPA and BOT basis. Ethiopia has potential of over 60,000MW as clean energy. However recent studies show the potenial in wind, solar and thermal energy is over 100,000MW.

Reforestation: Paulownia Tree. Silverstar Engineering along with its partners, Valley International Projects, VIP, based in Lund Sweden, is cooperating on biomass reforestation initiative in Ethiopia, where apart from producing sustainable fuel wood for biomass, it promotes reforestation and deliver additional products such as charcoal, timber and fertilizer. Silverstar Engineering, through its owner, is a 33% at the Lund based VIP company. VIP is an energy company that promotes bio-economy programs.


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