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Services - Technology

Traffic technologies and Road Safety

AIM: To reduce the road accident in Ethiopia.
MISSION: Contributing our part to make the country having safer roads.
VISION: To see our roads are key for development, not a means of murder.


We believe and branded the condition of road safety in Ehiopia can easily be described as the number of caulaites in Ehiopian Road Accidnet is amounting to 5 causes of deaths. (Malaria+TB+HIV+Natural death+Terrorism). of course this doesnt include the gorss property damage the country is suffering.

Silverstar Engineering Traffic tehnoliges and Road safety prorgam has a couple of program categoris:

  • Poviding safety know-how and supplying traffic technologies

    Silverstar Engineering will supply the local clients with:
    Road safety and anti pollution technolgies, Safety know-how and products.
  • Establishing Road Safety foundation.(RSF)

Military & Security Technology:

Silverstar has an active role in military and security products and technology. Among the innovative products we are dealing is VERA NG, Next Generation Passive radar system, and ERA Civil Aviation multilateration air traffic control system.


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